Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A whole new respect...

I have a whole new respect for bloggers....keeping up with this is hard work!!!! I have been excruciatingly busy lately with work mainly, and yoga, travel, visitors, etc. I literally have been running non stop. By the time I get home and eat dinner, I read about 20-30 pages of a book and CRASH. I work in recruiting and basically my job is sales. I am working at a start up company so no one knows us and I am doing a lot of networking, lunching, happy hours, coffee meetings (well... tea for me :) )etc. to get our name out there. This makes my work days go by incredibly quickly but I also have to give up my lunches and often my evenings for meetings and when I don't have meetings, I am catching up on all the administrative work I can't do when I am at meetings! What a cycle! I am not complaining, I really like my job, I am just working a ton.

On top of that, I am keeping up with my goal of going to yoga class at least 5 times a week, walking my dog everyday for at least 20 minutes (sometimes it's more), cooking healthy foods, trying to get in some reading and balancing all my trips and visitors. This month we have visitors for three of the weekends, we are house sitting a for friend for one weekend, and the first weekend in March we are going to the car show in Yuma. Phew! Busy!

I actually missed out on one of my favorite activities tonight...cooking club! because I got filling today and my jaw and tooth were sore...and honestly, I was just tired!

So... the dentist. Me and the dentist are not friends. I have always had trouble with my teeth...endless fillings, gum surgery at the age of 10, braces times two, headgear, root canals, crowns...ugh! I don't drink soda, I rarely eat sugary things, and I take incredible care of my teeth. I brush three times a day with an electronic sonic brush, I have floss EVERYWHERE and floss literally two to three times a day, and I use a fluoride rinse  2 to 3 times a week. Honestly,  I think its genetic. It has been such a challenge my whole life. Over the past couple of years, I have developed a real fear of the dentist...not so much for general cleanings, but when I need to get any work done. Seriously... I freak out. For a while I had to take some kind of sedatives and have someone drive me to the appointment (usually this ended up being my boss...and I was totally loopy in the middle of the day. Yeah! Fun.). Now I have a dentist that will use Nitrous at request (and for $120!!!!) which makes me feel silly but I can't do it without. I get all panicked and shaky and sweaty and seriously can't take it. So the filling I had scheduled for today had been rescheduled.....three times... at my request. I kept making up excuses "I am too busy at work".... but really I was just scared shitless. Finally I went today and they are really nice and sensitive to my fears but they treat me like a little kid and kind of make fun of me. And I get all stressy and I just can't even begin to describe how much I hate it. All of that stress is so draining! I try not to stress but I think its beyond my mental control. Today I just kept picturing myself on the beach in Maui and that helped, but didn't preclude me from being sore, tired and drained when it was all said and done. Phew! I don't think I would have been any fun at cooking club tonight anyway.

On a side note, Aaron never flosses, eats sweets and drinks soda...and he NEVER has issues. Harumph. At least I have been told I have a nice smile. :)

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