Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Cleanse Update

I was looking back at my New Years Cleanse post and realized it was lots of information about things I won't do. Here is some information on things I am doing:

I will focus on eating as many fruits and veggies as I can get into my face. I already ate most of my two week CSA one week. I took a trip to the farmer's market yesterday and bought more seasonal produce... cauliflower, carrots, radishes, turnips, I found some decent tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, etc.

I will focus on drinking one green drink per day and eating at least one big salad for a meal per day.

I will drink hot water with lemon every morning. It's such a great way to start your digestive functions moving, and it helps to clear out your liver.

I will drink as much herbal tea as I want. I am not cutting green tea... I am  not addicted to caffeine and don't have to worry about coffee, and I love my green tea. Also, it has so many me, it out weighs the caffeine issue. Most cleanses recommend cutting caffeine all together, but I am not getting rid of my green tea.

After my first few days, I will reincorporate whole grains. I am giving my body a break from those for a few days...but am definitely craving them!

I am also eating lots of legumes...chickpeas, aduki beans, lentils...any kind of legume I can find.

I am focusing on eating as many seeds and nuts (in moderation) as I can. Variety is the spice of life...and there are so many seeds and nuts that are good for you out there...Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds....the list goes on and on.

I finally am starting to feel better, so I went to yoga for the first time in three weeks yesterday. It was AWESOME! I am super sore today, but in a good way.

Today I am going for a hike and another yoga class. Tomorrow I am getting back to running (the last time I ran was in NYC on December 26th.

I already can feel my body cleansing. Cutting out dairy and wheat alone make a big difference, as does cutting out alcohol. I feel a little drained of energy, but not horrible. I have been sleeping really poorly ever since I got sick, so I am hoping this cleanse will help reset my internal clock.

Due to the aforementioned sunshine, I have been slow to start on my list of projects, but I have been able to do a few things, like cleaning up my computer and going through a bunch of old photos. I also have cleaned out my work and personal file cabinets and cleaned out and organized my Christmas decorations. These are all little steps towards "detoxing" my house, office, etc.

Here is some more information on the benefits of detoxing your body. Of course, I take this as a time to "detox" house, computer, etc.

Detoxing Done Right
Weekend Detox 
Benefits of Detox on Livestrong

Happy Cleansing!

2012 Goals, Redux

I have been thinking about my goals and I have made some adjustments.

#1 Get out of debt, save money, make a certain (private) amount of money.
#2 Blog when you are inspired to. Blog when you have a trip to talk about, a recipe to share, an inspiring story to pass  on. Don't feel guilty when you don't blog. You have a busy life!
#3 Eat a vegan diet 80% of the time. Drink more green juice and more green smoothies.
#4 Read 25 books. (I am keeping it the same as last year because there are a couple of really long books I want to read this Anna Karina and a few other behemoths)
#5 Do a half marathon!
#6 Do an Olympic distance triathlon!
#7 Learn to listen better. If you do that, you won't interrupt people so much.
#8 Find time to meditate and self reflect. A calm mind=a calm body and soul. (Everyone, including my doctor, have been spouting, "MEDITATE!"...I am really going to make an effort to meditate for a few minutes a day.)
#9 Travel to a place new that you have never been to before.
#10 Learn to stop judging yourself. Others see you as you see yourself.
#11 Find your way back to have a nice new camera! Thanks Dad!
#12 Learn to say "no". You don't need to go on every trip, to every party, every outing, etc. Take time for yourself!
#13 Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for work, working out, and life in general. Complete them each time. (Really, this is another way of talking about my to-do lists. I make the lists, but they are disorganized and I don't always complete them. Every day at the end of my work day, I will make a to-do list for the next day. Every weekend, on Sunday, I will make a to-do list for the week.)

Well, that's it, I really just wanted to add a few things. I have a big list this's to accomplishing all of this and more!

Summer in January

Hi Friends,

Have you heard about the big swell hitting San Diego right now? Waves were supposed to be 10-15 feet. Every surfer and wannabee surfer in San Diego County hit the waves. There were lots of problems with inexperience people hitting the surf...our lifeguards and emergency response patrols have been working some major overtime with all the accidents. I live about 2 miles from the beach and have heard sirens going non stop the past few days. The waves are definitely bigger than we normally get in San Diego and the weather has been 70-72 degrees. It's super pretty and I am sure people in colder climates hate me for saying this, but....isn't it supposed to be winter? I want to wear sweaters and scarves and eat soup and read with a cup of tea. It's hard to stay inside and tackle goals while the sun is shining! I have been enjoying the sun...going for short walks...and taking photos of the PACKED surf. It's really like summer at the beach communities...all the parking spots are full, in fact, people are double parked in some places.  It's INSANE. But something neat to look at in January:
 Looks like a painting...
 Catching a ride!
 OK...I guess this could be a 15 foot wave?
 San Diego Sunshine
 Super popular surf spot "Swami's" in's always packed, but not like this!

Looking South
 Looking North
I hope you have sunshine (or rain...if you want it like me!) where ever you are! Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Beginning of the year cleanse and kick off

Each year I like to take the first month and cleanse away the previous year, the holidays, and just start the year off right. This will be like any other year! As soon as I get over being sick and empty my fridge of some cheese and left over holiday deserts that I don't want to waste,  I will start the 30 day cleanse. It will look like this:

1. No Dairy (I will still eat eggs and fish in moderation)
2. No refined sugars or flours.
3. No alcohol.
4. No processed food.
5. Yoga 6 times a week.
6. Run 4 times a week. Including one long training run a week.
7. Scrub my house from top to bottom. Clean carpets, windows, clean doors, floor boards, remove books from bookshelves and clean and reorganize them, clean out and reorganize kitchen, clean out garage, clean up plants on deck, get rid of anything I don't need. Make the house spotless.
8. Organize all of my work paper work. (This is all pretty organized as it is, but I just want to fine tune.)
9. Drink as much green juice as possible...including doing a 3 day juice cleanse.
10. Pamper yourself as much as possible: give your self facial masks, at home spa treatments, etc.
11. Get working on those New Years Goals!

I LOVE when I do this cleanse every year. My skin becomes sleep is divine, I loose weight, I work more, I get super organized, my house gets super clean, and everything just feels calm. Last year I also did one during the summer to recharge...I think I will do that again this year.

I will keep you all updated....and hope I feel better soon so I can start!


Goals for 2012

Howdy Friends! Happy New Year! 

I am sorry for my absence. The past two months have been hectic to say the least. I did two 10ks, went to New York, went to Maui, and had house guests. I also have been sick three times (!!!!) once with a cold, once with a weird food poisoning that lasted for over a week, and now, since Thursday, sick with a combo virus / bacterial issue that is basically like a bad cold and flu combined! Not too mention, holiday parties, friends, and work has been super busy too. So between all of that activity...I didn't really have time to blog. Over the first few months of the New Year I plan to blog about all of the vacations I took this year as well as all of the races that I did. 

As we march into the New Year I have reflected on my goals for the year, and truly could not be more proud of myself. I don't set resolutions because they sound so contrived. Goals are much more fitting for me, and the beginning of the year is a good time for me to set them. There were some things last year (mainly money focused) that were beyond my control that I didn't complete, but for the most part, I surpassed my goals! What a feeling! 

There were lots of personal relationship changes in my life in 2011, all of which were really painful. Some of those changes were for the better and made me learn and grow, some of those changes just plain hurt and I am still bewildered by. Changes are a part of life, and as I have said before, without change, we never grow.

Let's reflect:

Here is my post from that time: (Lots of this had to do with Aaron who we all know is not in my life anymore, but lots of these things apply to me and me only. Strangely enough, I always write my goals on a pretty piece of paper to put on my medicine cabinet and look at every morning. When I transcribed the goals from this blog to the paper, I took out anything to do with Aaron and made them all about me....just as personal goals should be.)

Here were my goals for 2011 and my results below each one. 
#1 Get out of debt, save a certain amount, and make a certain amount. (Those amounts are private...ahem).
I did not meet my financial goals this year. The economy sucks. But, for having a new business in a general recession, I did not do too shabby. I pay my mortgage and bills and can afford vacations and shopping, etc.
#2 Visit my sister in NYC, and take a trip to Seattle or Portland and perhaps Texas to visit my step dad.
Well, I visited my sister in  NYC twice. I did not make it to the Northwest or Texas, but I went to Maui twice, took a weekend trip to Julian, and went to San Francisco 2 times. Although I didn't get to some of the destinations I wanted to, I would say I traveled QUITE a bit. 
#3 Blog once a week.
Well, I didn't quite meet this one either. But I didn't do too bad. I think I blogged about 35 times, which is almost every week. I just don't think it's realistic for me to blog once a week. 
#4 Eat a wholesome, healthy, vegan diet 80% of the time, and it's ok if 20% of the time I eat fish or dairy products.
I definitely stuck to this one. It might have been more like 75/25% but I did great in my book.
#5 Read 25 books.
I read 26! Take that! I am REALLY proud of this one. Reading enriches my life in so many ways, and I just couldn't be prouder that I backed away from the TV and read, a lot.
#6 Run a 10k! (Ahh! Did I really just put that out into the world?)
Not only did I do a 10k, I did 2 10ks! And I did a 5k....and I did THREE SPRINT TRIATHLONS!!! This is the one I am most proud of. I am actually getting a bit teary eyed thinking about it. There is nothing you can't do when you put your mind to it. 
#7 STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE. It's super annoying. 
Well, I think I made some headway (I guess I need to ask other people about their opinion on this) but it will continue to be a goal of mine moving into the New Year.
#8 Make my focus on being active: Do yoga, run, bike, walk, just be more fit overall.
Umm...see #6. Not only did I run, bike and yoga'd my brains out...I also swam...and sometimes did all 4 on one day! WHO AM I???? Not only did I complete all those races, I made some great friends in the process, joined the San Diego Triathlon Club...and lost over 20 pounds. I also hiked quite a bit which is fabulous. I still can't tell ya'll how great it feels.
#9 Simplify. Get rid of more stuff. No one needs 80 pairs of shoes.
This is another goal I KILLED. My closet looks like a photograph. Every drawer is organized. I took about 10 car loads of stuff to the Goodwill to donate. BOO-YA. The only problem is I replaced lots of clothes...see #8...I lost over 20 pounds! I had to buy a new wardrobe. But, I might have gone a bit overboard...and this did not help with goal #1. 
#10 Continue to grow artistically. More photography and other art forms.

This is one that I did not touch. I lost interest in photography because my camera sucked, and with all the training I did, I really didn't have much time to do art work. Back on the list it goes!

All in all, a great year. Moving on to 2012:
#1 Get out of debt, save money, make a certain (private) amount of money.
#2 Blog when you are inspired to. Blog when you have a trip to talk about, a recipe to share, an inspiring story to pass  on. Don't feel guilty when you don't blog. You have a busy life!
#3 Eat a vegan diet 80% of the time. Drink more green juice and more green smoothies.
#4 Read 25 books. (I am keeping it the same as last year because there are a couple of really long books I want to read this Anna Karina and a few other behemoths)
#5 Do a half marathon! 
#6 Do an Olympic distance triathlon!
#7 Learn to listen better. If you do that, you won't interrupt people so much.
#8 Find time to meditate and self reflect. A calm mind=a calm body and soul.
#9 Travel to a place new that you have never been to before.
#10 Learn to stop judging yourself. Others see you as you see yourself.
#11 Find your way back to have a nice new camera! Thanks Dad!

Lots of my goals this year are more philosophical. One thing I did not do well in 2011 was "stop to smell the roses". I was running from here to there (figuratively and literally) and rarely found time to sit down. I need to take time for self reflection. That might help prevent me from getting sick! I was sick more times than I could count this past year, way more than ever before. Not ok. Being healthy is much more fun! 

Happy New Year. I hope you meet all of your goals this year!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasures....

Hi Friends,

I  hope you are all having a great week. I am sort of done with my cold although I have a strange lasting effect...I keep getting dizzy spells that last for several minutes. It's very odd and uncomfortable. Any ideas about that?

I got in a 5 mile run yesterday and am going to shoot for a 6 miler tomorrow to gear up for my race Sunday. This is cramming at it's finest, not the smartest way to train! But, with my cold and time constraints, it is what it is. I am looking forward to running at the Del Mar Race Track and know I will finish. And, since this is my first 10k, it's a PR, right!!! :)

In the meantime, I was thinking about some of my guilty pleasures the other day and thought I would share. What are your guilty pleasures?

1. Staying in bed late into the morning with a fresh pot of tea and peering over food magazines, cookbooks, or whatever novel I am currently working through. As much as I like working out in the morning on the weekends, I LOVE staying in bed late and reading. It's so relaxing and gives a greater sense of peace to my entire weekend.

2. Slicing button mushrooms and hard boiled eggs. I don't know why, but I just love the way these feel under a sharp knife! Call me crazy.

3. Indulgent loose leaf teas. My favorite teas are from the French Tea House Kusmi or from my local coffee shop Pannikan. Lovely. Bagged teas work in a pinch, but the ritual of lovely tea mixed with boiling water in a pretty tea pot is so much better.

4. Frozen yogurt. I can't stop eating it although it almost always makes me feel bloated. It's just such a tasty treat and I let myself indulge about once a month.

5. Healthy living and food magazines. My favorite was Gourmet...I still am sad it's gone and miss it's gorgeous pictures every month. I also love Natural Health, Whole Living, Saveur, Cucina Italiana, Food and Wine, Vegetarian Times, VegNews, and occasionally Living and Real Simple. I dog ear recipes and try them out, I check out natural alternatives for cleaning, healthcare, etc, I find book reviews to read, think of ideas for decorating my house, etc.

6. Down. Down comforters, down pillows, down feather beds. Ah! I can't get enough. I love slipping into a big puffy, fluffy bed of feathers.

7. Clean sheets. I would wash my sheets every day if I could. Martha Stewart recommends washing them every other day! Who has time for that? I wash mine once a week since Pdog sleeps on the bed. Ahh.

8. Essential Oils. While Essential oils are great for cleaning, health issues, aromatherapy, etc, they also smell lovely. I like putting some drops in my shower, sprinkling some on my yoga mat, mixing some with water and misting all over the house, my bed, etc, for a fresh home. I won't tell you how many of the little bottles I own. It's a lot.

9. 90210. Yes, I love these cheesy show. While I am at it, I might as well admit I watch Jersey Shore. I know, I know. Horrid! But, these are guilty pleasures, after all.

10. Cheese. As much as I would love to be a vegan, cheese, I just can't quit you. You are creamy, melty, salty, delicious.

11. Flower vases, I have more of you than I know what to do with. I actually cleaned out some of my vases recently, but still have quite the collection. I buy fresh flowers often and love these vessels for showing them off. They also look pretty in key spots around my house.

12. Sweet smelling candles. Do I need to explain? I have been trying to switch to soy or other natural candles lately. I have been reading about how bad regular candles are for you.

13. Badger Balms. I have about 15! They do everything...from soothing a headache, to grounding you for yoga practice, to mending sore muscles, to keeping bugs away. These balms are organic, smell fantastic, and they really work. I highly recommend them.

14. Banana Republic. Hands down my favorite store. Great work clothes, great casual clothes, great dresses, etc. I would guess that 80% of my wardrobe is from Banana.

15. Cookbooks. I can't even begin to tell you how many I have!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Racing Fever

Hi Friends,

I hope everyone had a great week!

I have racing fever! Who am I? One of my goals for 2011 was to run a 5k and a 10k. I did a 5k in March, I have done 3 tris, and I am doing 2 10ks! Holy moly!

My tri on October 16th was fantastic! It was this race: in San Diego. This was the first triathlon I signed up for...back in January! This was the one that started it all...the race that got me training in March, signing up for two more races over the summer, whipped my butt into shape, and helped me to loose over 20 pounds. It really amazes me that I have done THREE triathlons!  This has been a life changing experience. The work outs are fun, the camaraderie of the people I train with is lovely, the strength and fitness I have gained are amazing...and race day is just so darned exciting. I am addicted to racing...that is a fact. I think I will do at least 2-3 tris a year for the foreseeable future. I am considering doing an Olympic distance race next year...which is a 1 mile swim, 50k bike ride, and 10k run. I am really pretty confident I can do it. We will see!

Anyway, I never wrote about my second race in July. It was a shorter race so it was difficult to compare my times with the race I did in May. While the July race was fun, I got a cold the week before. It made race day really tough and I did not feel like I was at my best. My back hurt, my muscles were stiff from no activity, my lungs were not working very well...and I was drained of energy. It was still fun and I am glad I did it. Because I did not feel great in July, I really poured myself into training for the October tri. I mean really! I really kept up with my workouts and pushed myself for speed. I did all of my swims in open water (rather than the pool), I did longer bike rides, and I ran more.

Of the three races, I was certainly most excited for this one in October. I felt prepared, I knew what to expect, and I wanted to kill it! Well...I did! I beat my racing time from the race in May (the same distance) by over 20 minutes!!!!! The first race was 1:53 and this one was 1:32! The whole race was a thrill. I had lots of friends in the race and just felt amped and well...ready for it.

The swim started in the water which was weird and annoying because you got kind of bunched up with the people from your group. But as soon as I got past the traffic jam...I was off! And wow did I swim fast. I lapped people two waves ahead of problem. My first swim time for the same distance was 26 minutes or so. This time it was 17 minutes! That is improvement right there folks.

Then came the bike ride. Given I have a clunker of a bike, I don't go totally fast, but I beat my time by a few minutes. I really pushed myself on the bike...and just pedaled as fast and as hard as I could. The bike ride was around Mission Bay which is very pretty so it made the ride go by fast.

Now, it was time for the run. I jumped off my bike and my legs did not hurt at all! I remember the first race I felt my legs were going to give out from under me at this transition...not this time. I just started running...and ran really fast! In fact, I ran so fast, I finished the 5k in 26 minutes. Folks, this is huge. I usually run a 9:45 mile. 5k is 3.2 miles... you do the math! During my first race, my run time was over 32 minutes. Umm...again...improvement much!??? I just kept thinking "you are stronger than you think you  are" and pushed through. It was amazing. I felt so darned proud of myself.

This race was wonderful. I had so much fun I didn't take any pictures! Oopsie! All I can say is, anyone can do a sprint triathlon and should. It's a great way to get in shape, test your physical and mental strength, and well it's just an absolute blast.

My next race is a 10k at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Sunday, November 6th. I am not overly nervous for this race although it's been about 6 months since I last ran 6 miles. I can easily run 5, and know I have the endurance for it. I mean...what's a 10k when you have done a triathlon? :) I had planned to get a few longer runs in this week...but guess what? I am sick! Is this a trend? A curse? I hope this isn't a new kind of "racing fever"!!!! Getting sick before a race sucks. It does not help mentally. Although it's really too late to build speed or strength in my training so close to race day, I just wanted to get in the runs to mentally prepare. I also wanted to stretch and warm my muscles at yoga, which I have not been able to do since I am sneezing like a banshee. I knew this 10k would not be my fastest, I just wanted to bite the bullet and start running more, so I signed up for the race....why not? It worked with the triathlons. And, clearly since I just did the triathlon, I haven't had a ton of time to train for speed. But....anyway, I am sure it will still be fun, I just hope I don't continue to get sick ahead of other races. It's no fun! Here is the race next weekend:

My next 10k is December 10th, so I will have more time to train for that one. And it will be fun to see how my time improves from next week to the 10th. It will also be great to be running through the holidays, and hopefully I won't have the weight gain so many people experience at this time of year. Here is the race in December:

To be honest, aside from my fantastic Triathlon on the 16th...the past two weeks have been total crap. I had two automobile snafus, work hasn't really been great, I had two fairly awful outings, I haven't been able to sleep, my television broke (and I paid someone from AT&T $55 to tell me what I already knew) and to top it all off...I am sick with a crappy cold!!!!!!!!!! Bleck, bleck and more bleck. It's amazing how much you miss your health when you don't have it....

Anyway, I hope you all have some fun Halloween plans for the weekend. My plans include making a few batches of homemade soups, sitting on the couch with some books and the magazine pile I need to catch up on, and watching movies on my brand new TV (that I really didn't want in the first place....ha! At least I can make a joke about it).

Happy Halloween, Love Bugs!