Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Beginning of the year cleanse and kick off

Each year I like to take the first month and cleanse away the previous year, the holidays, and just start the year off right. This will be like any other year! As soon as I get over being sick and empty my fridge of some cheese and left over holiday deserts that I don't want to waste,  I will start the 30 day cleanse. It will look like this:

1. No Dairy (I will still eat eggs and fish in moderation)
2. No refined sugars or flours.
3. No alcohol.
4. No processed food.
5. Yoga 6 times a week.
6. Run 4 times a week. Including one long training run a week.
7. Scrub my house from top to bottom. Clean carpets, windows, clean doors, floor boards, remove books from bookshelves and clean and reorganize them, clean out and reorganize kitchen, clean out garage, clean up plants on deck, get rid of anything I don't need. Make the house spotless.
8. Organize all of my work paper work. (This is all pretty organized as it is, but I just want to fine tune.)
9. Drink as much green juice as possible...including doing a 3 day juice cleanse.
10. Pamper yourself as much as possible: give your self facial masks, at home spa treatments, etc.
11. Get working on those New Years Goals!

I LOVE when I do this cleanse every year. My skin becomes sleep is divine, I loose weight, I work more, I get super organized, my house gets super clean, and everything just feels calm. Last year I also did one during the summer to recharge...I think I will do that again this year.

I will keep you all updated....and hope I feel better soon so I can start!


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