Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Goals, Redux

I have been thinking about my goals and I have made some adjustments.

#1 Get out of debt, save money, make a certain (private) amount of money.
#2 Blog when you are inspired to. Blog when you have a trip to talk about, a recipe to share, an inspiring story to pass  on. Don't feel guilty when you don't blog. You have a busy life!
#3 Eat a vegan diet 80% of the time. Drink more green juice and more green smoothies.
#4 Read 25 books. (I am keeping it the same as last year because there are a couple of really long books I want to read this Anna Karina and a few other behemoths)
#5 Do a half marathon!
#6 Do an Olympic distance triathlon!
#7 Learn to listen better. If you do that, you won't interrupt people so much.
#8 Find time to meditate and self reflect. A calm mind=a calm body and soul. (Everyone, including my doctor, have been spouting, "MEDITATE!"...I am really going to make an effort to meditate for a few minutes a day.)
#9 Travel to a place new that you have never been to before.
#10 Learn to stop judging yourself. Others see you as you see yourself.
#11 Find your way back to have a nice new camera! Thanks Dad!
#12 Learn to say "no". You don't need to go on every trip, to every party, every outing, etc. Take time for yourself!
#13 Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for work, working out, and life in general. Complete them each time. (Really, this is another way of talking about my to-do lists. I make the lists, but they are disorganized and I don't always complete them. Every day at the end of my work day, I will make a to-do list for the next day. Every weekend, on Sunday, I will make a to-do list for the week.)

Well, that's it, I really just wanted to add a few things. I have a big list this's to accomplishing all of this and more!

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  1. Thanks for the links to the detox articles, I am going to try the weekend detox this weekend!
    Good luck on your 2012 goals and congrats on doing so well in 2011.
    I am very proud of you!