Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoga Pose May

Hi Yogis,

Tina from Carrots N Cake invited me and 128 other bloggers to be involved in "yoga pose may". Each day different people were assigned to do a different pose and blog about it.

I was very excited when I realized I could take part but saddened when I figured out what my pose would be...HAPPY BABY!!!! AHHHH This is not an appealing looking pose and certainly could not look very lady like photographed. Legs spread in the air...on the web! OH MY!

For me the joy of "happy baby" pose is that it releases any remaining stress in my hips and mind at the end of practice...and everyone else in class is likely tired and has their eyes closed. They are not looking at me doing this ugly posture with my legs in the air! But, it's a lovely pose to practice none the less and I am honored to take part in anything related to Tina's great blog.

So this morning before a 6 am yoga class, my good friend Annie worked her magic and took some pictures of me. Hopefully you enjoy! (Thanks Annie, and thanks for sharing a yoga practice with me this morning! What a great way to start the day.)

This is one of my feet, way up in the air!

And here are both of my feet.....

And here I am, exposing myself and my "happy baby" pose to the whole world:

This is a very relaxing pose, jokes aside (Annie told me one of her yoga instructors called it "happy husband pose"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I like to do it before going to bed if I am stressed or need to wind down.

I hope that you all go out and practice yoga and find some joy in some of the other poses as well. 

Namaste, my friends!

PS, keep me in your thoughts today... I am interviewing with a non profit organization for a Board of Directors position. The organization does all kinds of environmental and humanitarian good, so I REALLY want it! 


  1. Haha I love that someone called it Happy Husband Pose. Ive heard Dead Bug, but thats way better! Glad you enjoyed our challenge! Have a great weekend!

  2. Of course I remmber the REAL Amanda Happy Baby, you did this pose all the time :-)!