Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Palm Springs and Old Town Temecula

For mother's day weekend, Aaron and I went to Palm Springs for the night to see his mom and grandma for mothers day. We also visited with some distant relatives of mine that happened to be in town at the same time. I forgot to take any pictures of my relatives! We didn't take too many pictures in Palm Springs either. Oh well. We were just enjoying ourselves.

On the way up, we stopped for what we hoped would be a quick lunch in the little downtown area of Temecula. I had only been to the wine tasting area and was pleasantly surprised at how cute Temecula was. However, it was a gorgeous Saturday, the day before Mother's day, and it was PACKED! I would like to go back when we aren't in a rush and when it wasn't so packed. It is about an hour from us, so might be nice in Aaron's hot rod.

We came across this place and tried to order there. But after waiting in line for 20 minutes not once, but twice, we did not stay, no my friends, we did not stay. DO NOT go to this place. They are disorganized, run out of stuff and forget to tell you until you and your dog have been waiting for 20 minutes, they have poor staff, it is a complete mess. Don't let the cute exterior fool you!

After wasting almost an hour of our lives at this place, we found another cute place, Temecula Valley Cheese Company

This place was very cute and empty, so we order our cheese paninis to go. Well, they were great, but it also took FOREVER! Here is Aaron getting frustrated:

But we made it to Palm Springs in good time and all was well. We stayed at the Ace Hotel which I am sorry I didn't take more pictures of. This place is a total trip. It's basically a big pool party...kind of like a Vegas pool but much more laid back and accessible. Ace Hotel They also allow dogs, so we had Pdog (aka Peroni) by the pool and in our room. They had music playing everywhere and it was a pretty groovy place. They have lots of seventies touches and you kind of feel like you are in a time warp. They have macramé everywhere, weird kitschy details everywhere....very eclectic.  

We sat at the pool for a while once we checked in and then Aaron's mom and grandma made their way over for an early dinner. You can see our cool room in the background. They make the rooms look like beach tents or cabanas. It's super cheap too...only about $110 a night for a king room.

Isn't Aaron's Grandma cute?


She always tells us she was a scrapper when she was young. I can't imagine Grandma being a scraper! 

Aaron's mom, Renae:

We ate at the hotel in their diner area. I had a great veggie dish with polenta and mushrooms. It was awesome. 

After dinner at 4:30, Aaron and I did something I never do... took a NAP! It was fantastic. Totally relaxing and just what I wanted to do to unwind. After our nap we wandered around the pool and made some new friends. The pool was open until 2 but we called it a night at 11. 

Here is Aaron having a phenomenal time!

And our new friend Anthony:

It was a fun trip to Palm Springs. I would highly recommend the ACE to people looking to party and sit by the pool, not so much as a relaxing place. (Dad, you would hate it.)

On Sunday we spent some time with my cousins and checked out the place where Renae works. We also poked around some old shops in Palm Springs...lots of retro house wares. 

Palm Springs is like it's own little world. 

The next time we are out there I want to check out the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain

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