Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Incredible Nursery....

Aaron and I stumbled across this nursery in Encinitas. It's tucked away into a neighborhood and if you didn't go in, you would never realize how incredible it is!

Check it out:

Barrels and Branches

Here are some pictures. I bought a big black pot for my pepper plant and also went back the next day for a couple of succulents.

These are pre made vegetable gardens you can buy! I thought that was VERY cool. 

They had all kinds of homemade pottery, which I am a sucker for. Last year I took a pottery class which I really liked, but it's just not a very practical craft. You need a kiln, etc.

This place was so cool. It felt more like a secret garden than a nursery. It was so pretty and natural too! Nothing like yucky Home Depot. 

I guess they are going to have some food and wine events too. There were all kinds of decks and sitting areas, so I can only imagine that would be great. 

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