Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Francisco, People Live Here

I went to visit Lindsey in SF for her birthday weekend. We had lots of fun, ate lots of food and enjoyed a really sunny weekend.

On Friday night when I arrived, she had all kinds of treats waiting for me in her cute apartment. I took some pictures of the place, it was adorable and she was very thoughtful to get it all ready and cute for me.

Then we went bar hopping with a few of Lindsey's friends....

The next morning we were surprised by our mom who drove us to Tartine which is somewhere I have wanted to go for ages. 

Here is Lindsey in front.

Here is my sandwich:

It was goat cheese on walnut bread. The quality was awesome but it was way too greasy. :(

I did bring some brownies home for Aaron and they were amazing. I ate them all. Sorry Aaron.

While we waited for our sandwiches, we went to Bi-Rite Market

Words cannot describe this place. It was small but packed full of amazing groceries.

I bought a few treats. 

We also looked at some cute dogs:

Then we went to Dolores park. It was amazing. It was a real scene. People were setting up BBQ's, coolers, music, games, all kinds of stuff. It was pretty cool.

Here is my mom eating her open faced Tartine sammie:

This guy showed up and was my hero. He was selling oysters and fish tacos. I got one oyster. OMG. It was the best. 

This little girl wanted to share her ice cream:

This dog is enormous:

This is me trying to fit in (everyone was pretty trendy)

Then we walked around and shopped and went to a few cool places. One was called Zeitgeist

Lindsey said their bloody mary's were legendary. The majority of the place was outside with big communal tables. Lindsey didn't want me to take pictures, but it was a really cool place.

Later that night we went out for dinner and I took food pictures but it was too dark and they did not come out.

We also went to another park on Sunday and did more poking around. We had breakfast at the The Tipsy Pig and before Lindsey took me to the airport we went to Quinn's Lighthouse in Oakland. The Tipsy Pig was amazing and Quinn's is an old favorite.

We had a very nice time. I am jealous of Lindsey living in SF...its such a nice city with lots to do and lots of interesting people. So many great restaurants too!

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