Sunday, January 8, 2012

Summer in January

Hi Friends,

Have you heard about the big swell hitting San Diego right now? Waves were supposed to be 10-15 feet. Every surfer and wannabee surfer in San Diego County hit the waves. There were lots of problems with inexperience people hitting the surf...our lifeguards and emergency response patrols have been working some major overtime with all the accidents. I live about 2 miles from the beach and have heard sirens going non stop the past few days. The waves are definitely bigger than we normally get in San Diego and the weather has been 70-72 degrees. It's super pretty and I am sure people in colder climates hate me for saying this, but....isn't it supposed to be winter? I want to wear sweaters and scarves and eat soup and read with a cup of tea. It's hard to stay inside and tackle goals while the sun is shining! I have been enjoying the sun...going for short walks...and taking photos of the PACKED surf. It's really like summer at the beach communities...all the parking spots are full, in fact, people are double parked in some places.  It's INSANE. But something neat to look at in January:
 Looks like a painting...
 Catching a ride!
 OK...I guess this could be a 15 foot wave?
 San Diego Sunshine
 Super popular surf spot "Swami's" in's always packed, but not like this!

Looking South
 Looking North
I hope you have sunshine (or rain...if you want it like me!) where ever you are! Enjoy your weekend.

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