Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasures....

Hi Friends,

I  hope you are all having a great week. I am sort of done with my cold although I have a strange lasting effect...I keep getting dizzy spells that last for several minutes. It's very odd and uncomfortable. Any ideas about that?

I got in a 5 mile run yesterday and am going to shoot for a 6 miler tomorrow to gear up for my race Sunday. This is cramming at it's finest, not the smartest way to train! But, with my cold and time constraints, it is what it is. I am looking forward to running at the Del Mar Race Track and know I will finish. And, since this is my first 10k, it's a PR, right!!! :)

In the meantime, I was thinking about some of my guilty pleasures the other day and thought I would share. What are your guilty pleasures?

1. Staying in bed late into the morning with a fresh pot of tea and peering over food magazines, cookbooks, or whatever novel I am currently working through. As much as I like working out in the morning on the weekends, I LOVE staying in bed late and reading. It's so relaxing and gives a greater sense of peace to my entire weekend.

2. Slicing button mushrooms and hard boiled eggs. I don't know why, but I just love the way these feel under a sharp knife! Call me crazy.

3. Indulgent loose leaf teas. My favorite teas are from the French Tea House Kusmi or from my local coffee shop Pannikan. Lovely. Bagged teas work in a pinch, but the ritual of lovely tea mixed with boiling water in a pretty tea pot is so much better.

4. Frozen yogurt. I can't stop eating it although it almost always makes me feel bloated. It's just such a tasty treat and I let myself indulge about once a month.

5. Healthy living and food magazines. My favorite was Gourmet...I still am sad it's gone and miss it's gorgeous pictures every month. I also love Natural Health, Whole Living, Saveur, Cucina Italiana, Food and Wine, Vegetarian Times, VegNews, and occasionally Living and Real Simple. I dog ear recipes and try them out, I check out natural alternatives for cleaning, healthcare, etc, I find book reviews to read, think of ideas for decorating my house, etc.

6. Down. Down comforters, down pillows, down feather beds. Ah! I can't get enough. I love slipping into a big puffy, fluffy bed of feathers.

7. Clean sheets. I would wash my sheets every day if I could. Martha Stewart recommends washing them every other day! Who has time for that? I wash mine once a week since Pdog sleeps on the bed. Ahh.

8. Essential Oils. While Essential oils are great for cleaning, health issues, aromatherapy, etc, they also smell lovely. I like putting some drops in my shower, sprinkling some on my yoga mat, mixing some with water and misting all over the house, my bed, etc, for a fresh home. I won't tell you how many of the little bottles I own. It's a lot.

9. 90210. Yes, I love these cheesy show. While I am at it, I might as well admit I watch Jersey Shore. I know, I know. Horrid! But, these are guilty pleasures, after all.

10. Cheese. As much as I would love to be a vegan, cheese, I just can't quit you. You are creamy, melty, salty, delicious.

11. Flower vases, I have more of you than I know what to do with. I actually cleaned out some of my vases recently, but still have quite the collection. I buy fresh flowers often and love these vessels for showing them off. They also look pretty in key spots around my house.

12. Sweet smelling candles. Do I need to explain? I have been trying to switch to soy or other natural candles lately. I have been reading about how bad regular candles are for you.

13. Badger Balms. I have about 15! They do everything...from soothing a headache, to grounding you for yoga practice, to mending sore muscles, to keeping bugs away. These balms are organic, smell fantastic, and they really work. I highly recommend them.

14. Banana Republic. Hands down my favorite store. Great work clothes, great casual clothes, great dresses, etc. I would guess that 80% of my wardrobe is from Banana.

15. Cookbooks. I can't even begin to tell you how many I have!


  1. Hi Amanda! Still love your blog. About the candles, hands down favorite is the Bath and Body Works eucalyptus spearmint. They aren't soy, but they are the best! Especially this time of year. Not sure if you have tried them, but I give them to everyone as hostess gifts and birthday gifts and they all become hooked! Also, I love Jersey Shore too. Total guilty pleasure!

  2. Thanks, Kimberley! I will have to check out those supply is actually running a bit low.