Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's a doozy...

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I turned a year older. Oh well. I actually am not that sad. Except it was sad because:

I had the flu and a sinus infection for about 10 days including my birthday. I had to cancel the majority of my birthday plans and laid on the couch for way too long. (I did get to go out for a great dinner to a Vigilucci's friend Erica's husband, Matt, is a regional manager for the restaurants. They are amazing Italian restaurants all over North County Coastal San Diego. They are great!)

There were several earthquakes, most of which I didn't feel.

And  the fun big news!!! Aaron got his car working well enough to bring it all the way out to Del Mar!!!!  Whahoo!!! I wish I could show you'all how this car looked when I first saw it a few years ago. It was a MESS. I thought Aaron was nuts to think he could ever drive it. Well, he did it, and here it is:

I bought that grill! (Who am I???)

Look at the pretty flowers in the background!!!!

The proud crafty guy....

It's a 53 case you didn't get also has a 6 inch chop.....umm? Legal? Probably not!!!!

I think that driving this tank is harder than it looks!!!

Aaron came to get me for a little drive. Thanks to my aforementioned illness, driving around in a car without windows was fairly painful and short lived. But fun while it lasted!!! We went to Torrey Pines pretty...and look at the man!


I was so proud of Aaron. He has been working on this car for YEARS so to see it actually driving, was really incredible. :)

What else? I need a new camera. Really. I also need a new computer, cell phone, and a car detailing. I am also running out of yoga classes. Ah....when will this economy get better???

Which reminds yoga challenge was interrupted with the flu. BUT.... I did yoga every day for 31 days in a row...pretty cool. I am pleased. I really like challenging myself in that way. I think I will continue to do physical challenges to keep myself in line. 

Also, I got some pretty thoughtful gifts for my birthday. Aaron gave me a few old jazz records. I  have a record player and a pretty well rounded collection of records...rock, jazz, opera, classical, etc. Aaron usually surprises me for holidays and my birthday with a few records. He also bought me some Gregory Page cd's.

My dad bought me some yoga classes!!!! My sister, Linds, bought me a really cool cookbook called Lucid Food, and a really pretty Mom bought me a cute beach outfit and necklace, Erica bought me a really cool flower ring and clutch...all in all...I am a lucky gal with amazing friends and family. 

I was actually thinking about it tonight, and while of course I am just like everyone else and think about "the grass is greener".........I really have woven a nice quilt of good friends. I have a support system that is there if I need it. :)

Other fun news....we are renting a cabin in Big Bear for a weekend to celebrate life. My friend Erica and her husband Matt are coming with us. We plan to hike, cook, drink, play games, and enjoy life! I have only been to Big Bear once and it was for a leadership retreat so I didn't get to explore. I am hoping for wildflowers...we also have lots of laughs watching Peroni and Marley (Erica's dog) play. It should be super relaxing, as long as the traffic isn't too bad on the way up and home from there.

Next weekend I am headed to San Francisco to visit my sister for her birthday! She has SO much planned for us...including hikes, shopping (ahem...window shopping), dinner, etc. We are going to have a great girly weekend. Can't wait!!!!

Here are some pictures I took of tulips I got at the farmer's market today.....

I actually had a really fun day today. I cleaned...which was surprisingly fun? I think I was just happy not to feel sick anymore....and the sun was shinning through the windows, and Peroni was keeping me company. After cleaning I ran some errands. Aaron and his dad and step mom were coming over for happy hour, so I had to run to Bevmo. They were having a wine tasting, so I obliged. I had to run a few more errands and then went to the farmers market in Del Mar for a few things. It's always a treat because it's in downtown Del Mar which is pretty cute and you can see the ocean.

Last night Aaron and I went out for dinner in Del Mar. We went to Cafe Americana. It was ok. I remembered the food being better. We shared a salad, mussels and frites, and a pizza blanco. Like I said, it was ok, kind of non descript. 

Dinner tonight was much better. Black rice, steamed tofu (makes it so creamy!), sautéed spinach and mushrooms. Here is my clean kitchen in preparation of making dinner:

And here is the finished product, which tasted fantastic!!!

And here is the table before we sat down...a nice little Saturday night!!!

XXXOOOO Happy Weekend!!

See you later, Lovebugs. Hopefully I can report tomorrow... I  have a fun day planned including this....THIS

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