Friday, January 29, 2010

Did I leave the gas on?

In case you don't know this guy, his name is Eddie Izzard. He is the best comedian on the planet. And I am going to see him in LA tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAA I am so excited to see him I just can't sit still! He is the funniest, smartest person EVER. Look him up.  Aaron and I are leaving right after work for a whole weekend of LA fun so I probably won't blog again until Sunday or Monday. 

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to share some pictures with you from last week. I have some really cool distant cousins that live in Cardiff by the Sea, which is a little beach town about 5 miles north of where I live. These cousins just came into my life in May (it seems like a lot of cool things happened to me in May.... discovering blogs....learning about vegetarianism, meetings my cousins....lots of vacations....interestingly enough that same month I had a fortune cookie that said "You are about to begin something new and wonderful" Hmmmm.... anyway, I digress.)  So these mystery cousins consist of 4 generations and I have developed a nice friendship with one of them, Rosemary. Rosemary lives with her partner, Raymond, in this little house overlooking the Pacific ocean. They are both artists...Rosemary does giant brush painting (and tai chi, and yoga, and other things....) and Raymond is a photographer. They both love art and are lucky to do it for a living. They both also teach to share their knowledge. Their house is just great! It's full of their art work and such a nice view.  It always seems they have some kind of jazz or classical music playing too.  They have lovely land with tons of fruit trees and flowers, and bonsai. See some of the gorgeous-nous below:

This flower tree is so pretty! I think Raymond told me they are camilias. Initially I felt it was sad the blossoms were dropping to the ground but Raymond quickly corrected me. He told me it was like the flowers were meant to be scattered on the ground...just for him! :)

This is a grapefruit tree and Rosemary gave me a whole bag to use. She said they would be a bit tart but great for some cocktail mixers with lemoncelo or some other sweet liquor. I haven't had time to try them yet, but I will. It sounds delish! The building in the back is Rosemary's studio where she has classes on giant brush painting and where she keeps her art supplies, etc. There is a large wall of windows looking out to the ocean and there is also a large wall filled with books and records...thousands I would assume! What I wouldn't give to spend a day picking through those records and listening to them...It is truly an amazing studio and she is so lucky to have it. She also practices yoga in there. Rosemary's mother, Dorothea, is 90+ and also does yoga...she can do handstands!!!! I can't even do handstands! Dorothea lives across the street and is wonderful, more on her later. 

While I am very happy that Rosemary, Raymond, and the rest of their family have come into my life, it's kind of sad I have these cool cousins living so close and I just met them!  They are so full of creativity and caring and are truly remarkable people. I look forward to continuing to cultivate our relationships and hope I can take some classes from both of them!

Last Sunday I spent some time with Rosemary and we went to the Leucadia Farmer's Market. We had such a nice time.  The sun was out for the first time in a week and we shared a leisurely vegetarian lunch and each others' company.  The Leucadia Farmer's market is great! You can see the ocean from there and they always have musicians playing.  They have great products not available at other farmer's markets in San Diego. It's a little more hippy-ish...just like Leucadia. :)  

That is where I bought the aforementioned guavas, some sweet potatoes, apples, pears, asian pears (Aaron's favorite), oranges and some iris. We get our CSA package every other week and while most of the vegetables keep us occupied through the two weeks, we eat the fruit within one week so I go to a farmer's market to supplement. I also bought some green juice that I took a large swig of each morning. It was $8 but was pretty big (Maybe a liter?) and full of kale and other green stuff... as I understand, juicing is REALLY pricey and this seemed like a good deal for what I imagined was probably 4-5 pounds worth of produce in one bottle. It was very planty tasting, but I really liked it! It gave me tons of energy and I think I get the whole juicing thing. I don't have the money or space for a juicer but will definitely pick up this zesty green juice whenever I can. 

Well, I am off to LA for Eddie, visiting with some old friends, the La Brea Tar Pits, The Getty Museum, Venice Beach, maybe Santa Monica, the LA Original Farmer's Market, Little Tokyo....Yeah! A little vacation with my Honey!

Happy Friday everyone (and don't forget to not leave the gas on....hee...hee)!

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