Sunday, October 3, 2010


So, when my dad visited, I mentioned that I needed a whole post dedicated to one of the most amazing things we did. Well, we went to Addison. Addison is an unmatched restaurant in San Diego. It has all kinds of crazy ratings, wins awards constantly, and is really one of a kind for San Diego. In San Francisco and Chicago, there are all kinds of crazy restaurants. This is the real deal, several courses, prepare to be there for hours on end, and prepare to spend a small fortune.

All in all, I am very pleased that we went. Addison is in a gorgeous hotel right around the corner from our home, and I have been wanting to go since the moment I found out about it. The food was absolutely wonderful...breathtakingly good. The ambiance is elegant, the views spectacular, and the wine list unreal. Truly, this is a high class, top notch restaurant.
The only complaint I have was about the service. While the service was impeccable, it was too much. We (Aaron, Dad, and I) kept trying to get one of our 8 waiters to laugh, smile, crack a! Not so much as a blushing of the cheeks!! These people are SO serious about what they do, and they are damned good at it, but whoa, lighten up. It almost made me uncomfortable. For instance, when I stood to use the ladies room, they came and ESCORTED me. Really. I am not suggesting that you not try to go, but I would not go with someone you don't know well, it is not a place for bustling conversation.

In any case, I will recap the food.

First, they offered us bottled spring or sparkling water, which was included with our dinner and bottomless. I choose sparkling, naturally.

The sommelier offered us champagne, I naturally had a glass of their house champagne, which was wonderful.

Dad ordered a nice soft red Italian wine, which was delicious and we all shared it through out our meal.

One of the really nice things about Addison is that they bring you all kinds of amuse bouches and other little treats in between each course. So we all chose the three course option, but we probably had 8 or 9 total with everything they brought out.

First was a tomato consume. It was unreal. It was so clear, but it was incredibly tomato-y tasting. Very unique. In the background of this picture you can see the pretty view out to the lush golf course and waterfalls. We had a lovely table.

Here is my first course. It was salmon baked in butter. They baked it at a low temp, so the butter just wrapped around every tiny morsel of this fish. It was so rich but so wonderful. I have never had anything like it.

On the side of my salmon was this salad of grapefruit and cucumber. I told the maitre 'd I wanted to lick the bowl of the dressing and he didn't even laugh!!!  Kidding aside, this salad as so simple but the flavors were so fresh and bright, and you could really tell how fresh all the ingredients were.

Dad had some kind of burratta cheese with beets. He said it was to die for.
 My next course included a large prawn and some white fish. The flavors in each component of this meal were just unreal. So fresh, so elegant, but so simple at the same time. While the portions were quite small, all the dishes had a richness that made them very satisfying.
 Aaron had some kind of beef...of course.....
This was a pre-desert....desert. It was two kind of ice was honey creamy one and the other was a granita type concoction, I think with grapefruit.
 Dad had a canoli....
 I had some other kind of honey deliciousness with a peach in peach consume. Wonderful.
 This was our after desert-desert, which was a rich pot of chocolate with real 24k gold on top. It was TDF.
Once we had paid our check, the maitre ' d came to walk us out. Our car was waiting for us out the front door, and he handed us these pretty little packages of sea salt caramels to take home. We felt like royalty. It was a wonderful experience but it was a bit stuffy. I am not saying I wouldn't go again....if you treat!!!

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