Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh summer, where art thou?

It seemed just days ago that I was complaining that my summer was grey....that I was attending a romantic wedding in Coronado...that my dad visited from afar in Maui....that I was attending an amazing farm dinner....I also went to Tahoe for over a week, attended two other weddings, spent two weekends in San Francisco, spent a weekend in Anaheim and Long Beach and most importantly.....left my job AND....started my own new company!!!!...what a whirlwind!!!! Well, now it's October! I can't believe it. As you can see, I haven't had much time for blogging. I have barely had time to sleep!!!!

Although my summer has been jam packed with travel, friends, family, and the usual yoga, cooking, spending time with my loves....clearly the most ground breaking and life changing was the job situation. As I read back over my posts since January, I can clearly see that I was miserable at my old job. It's so hard to see, or perhaps, to admit, when you are in a relationship with work or a person that is damaging to your soul. I have, unfortunately, been in the former and the latter and while these are painful memories you would like to forget, this is where the learning comes in...the good stuff really starts to happen. My most recent job was a HUGE risk and while I thought the pros outweighed the cons, things didn't work out in the end. I did however, learn some valuable skills and got a large bump in my professional confidence:

I learned that I can manage my own time, am very resourceful, am more respected and well known in my industry that I previously realized...and I learned that I could start and own my own company. I was really propelled to do this with the help and support of Aaron and of my family, but deep down, it's the work and effort I have put in over my recruiting career that has led me to this fantastic decision. Things are going REALLY well, I am just struggling with managing my time (there is SO much to do) and am working quite a bit. But all in all, I have made a wise decision and am sleeping better, feeling better, and all in all just BETTER for it.

While the weather in San Diego was grey non stop, my cloudy head has cleared and this fall is looking as bright as ever.

Believe in yourself, know yourself, and do what makes you happy. Life is way too short to be work, in love, and in general. Also, taking chances are risky, but chances can lead to change, and change is what keeps us moving forward.

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  1. Amanda, You express your sentiments so beautifully, and are able to not only learn, but profit from past experiences that did not turn out as you expected. I can't tell you how
    proud I am of you, and can't wait to share your successes!
    Much love, Mom