Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One more post before this old lady falls asleep on her computer. Speaking of old... I am turning 31 on April 3rd. I guess I will need to update the "about me" portion of the blog. Meh. I was thinking about it today and as a gift to myself for my birthday, I am going to promise myself to do yoga everyday, at least once a day, between now and my birthday. Even if I can't make it to the studio, I can find a podcast or video, or show on cable, or just jump on my mat, and do some yoga. I must make time for my yoga practice....it leaves me feeling rested, calm, happy, and ready to cope with my crazy life!

Back to one of my most favorite people in the world... Lindsey. My sister is rad. She is hot, funny (sometimes a little too funny...ahem), smart, driven, sarcastic, and totally individual. You will never meet anyone else like her.....see...............this is at a dive bar in Ramona. Lindsey doesn't really "do" East County San Diego. We stopped for a beer on the way up to Julian. Julian is a little mining town East of SD. I love it. There are little hotels, restaurants, wineries, camping, etc. I really love it! Lindsey on the other hand....

We both went to SDSU. She was a freshman when I was a senior. We were both in Alpha Phi there, lived in a house together, and shared many of the same friends. It was a great year! While I have stayed in SD, Lindsey has gone to Chicago for grad school and is now living in San Francisco. But I think she still has a place in her heart for San Diego and comes to visit from time to time. I don't always get 100% of her attention...the girl has TONS of friends in SD that all want to see her when she is here.  It's no wonder...she is fabulous!

Among the many outings we had, we spent Valentine's Day together with Aaron and Peroni. So we went up to Julian with plans to go to a few wineries but it was packed (it was Valentine's Day) and Lindsey was really tired from clubbing downtown with her friends. Dude...one more reason I feel old. I don't remember the last time I went clubbing? It sounds so unappealing and expensive. I would much rather eat at a nice restaurant.

We did go to one winery which is very nice, J Jenkins. I have had some really fun times at this spot...the wine here is very nice, the owners are lovely, the view is great, and I have had many smiles here. Here are some pretty pictures of the winery, Lindsey, Aaron and Peroni. We also had sandwiches from a bakery and deli named Dudley's. I had an awesome veggie sandwich. Yum. I tried to take some pictures but they did not come out.

After we had wine we went into the little town of Julian and the wineries were just too packed. We ended up at this restaurant and sat outside sharing a slice of Julian's famous apple pie and hot coffee drinks.

Then we started driving home and Lindsey and Aaron (and Peroni for that matter) all promptly fell asleep. :) As soon as we got home...they all continued napping while I put together an amazing Valentine's dinner to share with my two favorite people. Aaron and I made special homemade presents for each other which we traded in the morning. I made Aaron homemade cookies and cards and decorations. He beaded me a necklace and bracelet...what a guy!!!! Valentine's dinner out is always so chaotic and expensive so I thought it would be much more fun to make a yummy, healthy dinner at home. And we are trying to save money, so homemade presents made sense.

Dinner included Chinese inspired cuisine: 
Steamed Silken Tofu with Soy Sauce and Sauteed Spinach
Stir Fried Asparagus and Tomatoes
Fried eggs with oyster sauce and green onions
Cabbage salad with carrots, green onions
Steamed rice with a cool packet of little beans and lentils from an Asian grocery store

I got all the ideas from Kylie Kwong's Book, Simple Chinese Cooking. She lives in Australia and makes amazing, fresh, and healthy Chinese food. 

This tofu dish was particularly amazing. The tofu steamed was so creamy and amazing tasting! I highly recommend this book. I think Kylie has a few.

We had a great time with Lindsey and I was so happy to spend a ton of time with her! She loved my healthy cooking, too. 

Now to leave you with my cooking pest  friend, Peroni:

He helped me make some really good things last week, including these pretty VEGAN grilled cheese and great lentil soup with kale. This dinner was incredibly good, so low in fat, and completely vegan. The cheese is made from soy and is from Trader Joes. It melts gorgeously! 

Good night blog friends... I have another hectic day tomorrow!


  1. Yay I get my own tag! But, boo that picture of me is awful. And also I liked that bar, even if I do't "do" East County. Nothing like a cold beer out of a frosty cold glass.

  2. I like that picture. It's what you normally look like when you are looking at me! :)And yes, those beers were extraordinarily cold and tasty.

  3. I love wine tasting! So fun! We went wine tasting Valentines weekend also & then went again the weekend after (both on my blog). So fun reading your blog, glad to see you are doing well! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. I don't know why I never made it up to Julian when I lived in SD. I always heard it was so cute:-)
    I'm pretty familiar with Kylie Kwong too but I don't have any of her books. Might need to check some out! xo A