Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Page and Poltz.....

So I mentioned seeing a few concerts lately. When Aaron and I first started dating, he did an incredibly cute thing and simultaneously introduced me to a new artist. I went to his cool little bachelor pad in downtown San Diego to meet up before going out on a date. He was sitting on his dining table, looking quite dapper, and playing the guitar! Well, sort of. He is still working out the kinks. He was playing this incredibly pretty song written by Steve Poltz. He also let me listen to the recorded song since he thought it was a tragedy I had never heard it before. The song has become "our song" mainly because of lines like "I love the freckles on your face" "I love the way you sashay through the room"...etc. It seems like it was written for me from Aaron! Ahhhhhhh so cute.

Anyway, Steve Poltz is a great musician that people don't really know about. He is credited with finding Jewel and co writing her big song "I was meant for you". He also was in a band called "The Rugburns". He is kind of behind the scenes but has a pretty big following in San Diego. We have seen him at all kinds of cool venues from tiny bars in Ramona to The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach and even at the Scripps Aquarium.  We LOVE him. He is so funny! Steve is REALLY wacky. He does and says whatever he wants and the things that come out of his mouth just crack me up. For instance, one of his songs is called "The Lonely Giraffe". Hehee. He is kind of a folk singer and normally just plays his guitar and sings and tells songs. He is great. Look him up at http://www.poltz.com/.  You might also know him from the song "Hitchhiker Joe".

Anyway, we also really started liking Gregory Page http://www.gregorypage.com/ Gregory and Steve were in the Rugburns together and everyone once in a while they will show up for each other's shows. It's very cool...they are great friends. Gregory is also kind of folksy but has one album that has some french influences. He is very cool...wears fedoras, and white blousy shirts, and vests and has long hair and a real "artsy" feel about him. He is very approachable too...we (OK...not WE just ME) talk to him every time we see him.

So on the 13th we were watching Gregory at this cool little private show and Steve Poltz showed up. They played a few songs together and it was great. Afterwards, we (ok, ok, me again) got talking to the two of them and they told us about this big show to celebrate Steve's 50th birthday at the Belly Up Tavern the following Friday. We had to go....and boy was it a great show. I almost backed out at the last minute because I was so tired, but what can I saw? There is something so amazing about good live music. I danced around until almost 2 in the morning. It was great.

By the way, the Belly Up Tavern is RAD. It is on this street in this hippy town called Solana Beach that is full of design shops for the home. So it's kind of in a weird spot. Inside it looks like an upside down boat! Get it? Belly Up? Anyway, they have great shows there, cheap drinks, and fun times. It's a great venue...check it out if you haven't.

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