Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yoga Challenge Day 1?

Well, yesterday I thought I was finally getting over my cold so I decided to go to my 1st of 30 yoga classes as I planned in "kicking off 2011 right". I took a P1 class which is the easiest of about 5 levels of classes at my studio. I usually go to the 3 hardest classes. But given that I had been out of town for a week and then sick for a week, I thought I should ease in. I am not going to lie. It was hard. Really hard. However, I felt better afterwards and thought I was on the way to recovery. Not so. I woke up today feeling more tired and ill than I felt yesterday. My back is also killing me, and I can't tell if that is from yoga, or from my cold, or because I am sleeping in the guest room as now Aaron is sick! Argh! Well, I just keep telling myself positive thoughts, am drinking copious amounts of herbal tea, eating lots of veggies and tasty vegan foods, popping vitamin C and Zinc like it's candy, and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. (Who knows, maybe this afternoon will bring a second wind!)

I hope all of your January's are off to a great and healthy start!

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  1. Good luck with getting back into it girl! I overdid it before Christmas due to a very flexible yoga teacher teacher from San Fran being in town and working with me on scorpion pose on my forearms. I think I hurt my shoulder a bit but I'm having trouble cutting back. I just love it so much!