Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yoga Challenge Day 3 and the Farmer's Market

Hello Lovlies,

Today was round three of the yoga challenge and I did...ok. I am still not 100% healthy so I feel weak and shaky in class. But...despite that, I got my vinyasa on for an hour today, did some deep breathing, and got seriously sweaty. I felt great afterwards and am always happy when I go to class.

Aaron and I had lunch at The Roxy in Enicintas, a funky little vegetarian friendly dinner. It was an odd little place. I had falafel and a big arse salad.

Afterwards, Aaron and I ran a few errands. I am looking for a new yoga mat as the one I bought in March is already falling apart. I think I found the winner at Jois Yoga in Encinitas. It's $65, which is costly, but given how much time I spend on it, I think it's worth it. Anyone have any good mat recommendations? Mine is crumbling apart because I use a Yogi Toes towel on top. I don't think I like thick ones too much either...while they are great for comfort, they tend to get really swampy in hot yoga...ewe.

I also got Aaron to do something he rarely does....go to a farmer's market! I just made a big trip to Trader Joe's so I didn't need much, but I did get some pretty plum blossoms that smell lovely, a large bushel of rosemary and parsley (for 1 BUCK!), some incredible almonds...lime and sea salt, honey and cinnamon, and almond honey butter. The honey is from bees that spend their time on the almond trees. Unreal.

 I made this little dish in a pottery class I took in 2009.

I took about 25 pictures and only a few turned out. The lighting in my house is awful...AND I need a better camera, but at least you get the idea. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. Congratulations on keeping that resolution!! Is your dog a puggle (pug x beagle cross)?

  2. Hi Lindsay, He is half pug, and the other half is sheltie and chihuahua. His mom was the sheltie / chihuahua mix...she looked like a rat terrior, sort of. And his dad was the pug...a HUGE pug. Thanks for visiting!