Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleanse Updates and Mount Woodson

Hello Friendies! I hope you all had a glorious weekend and are settling comfortably into your work week. I was on top of my work out plans last week and surpassed my goals.

My workout goals were:

  • Yoga 5-7 times a week
  • Run 2-3 times a week
  • Swim 2x a week
  • Bike 2x a week
  • Walk Peroni for 45 minutes 5 times a week
In actuality, I did:
  • Yoga 8 times!!!! This is a new record for me!
  • Ran 2x
  • Swam (in open water!) 2x
  • Biked 2x (one 15 mile ride and one 20 mile ride!)
  • Walked Peroni 6 times 
  • AND I did a killer 3 and half hour hike up Mount Woodson. It's been two days and my legs are STILL sore! Holy cow...what a hike! More on that in a minute.
As far as my food was concerned, I was good except for two small slip ups: 
  • I ate a popsicle from Trader Joe's. It was lime. It was tasty. I kind of forgot it had sugar in it. Oops!
  • I wanted to make vegan Saag Paneer but could not find soy yogurt, so I used real yogurt. I have to tell you, this dish turned out so amazingly good, I can't wait to make it again. It's essentially finely chopped spinach with yogurt and seasoning mixed in. It's typically made with big chunks of cheese, but I used pan fried tofu. I will post a recipe the next time I make it. 
Overall, I am so happy I did the cleanse. It's great to give your body a break from sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol. I feel refreshed and got so much done around the house. I highly recommend a cleanse for anyone but it's especially good if you have been feeling sluggish or you have been getting behind on projects...it's just great for the soul. 

Now back to Mount Woodson! I have done a fair amount of hiking in San Diego but had never been to Mount Woodson. It's a 7 mile round trip hike, going straight up the side of this mountain and then turning around and coming back down. It took about 3 and 1/2 hours with a couple of water and snack breaks. It was an awesome workout and the views were lovely. I highly encourage you San Diegans to do this...just bring LOTS of water and  sunscreen.

 Taking a break from the heat....
 Peroni loves hiking....

 My friends Kim and Ondre....can you believe them? I would not climb on that thing...it looks way too unstable to me!
 Kim, Amanda and Michelle....

 This was a moment before a huge crow swooped down with claws out and tried grabbing at the dogs!

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