Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cleansing = Crossing off the "to-do" list

Hi Friends,

I have had a glorious and productive weekend, tackling my to do list and having some fun too!

Listen to everything I did:

  • Yoga Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Walk Pdog Friday, Saturday (along Coast Highway in Encinitas) and Sunday
  • Biked to Yoga Saturday (and my legs are still sore)
  • Cleaned my entire house
  • Did about 10 loads of laundry
  • Cooked a healthy "desert"...Nut Raisin Bars from "Clean Food"
  • Went to the farmer's market in Del Mar on Saturday, and in Leucadia on Sunday. 
  • Dropped off pants to be altered
  • Groomed Pdog
  • Took Pdog to the groomer to clip his toe nails (which is always an absolutely horrid experience! Pdog freaks out like nothing I have ever seen. He is 16 pounds of unbridled strength!)
  • Cooked Coconut Lentil Soup Friday
  • Took some returns to H &M (why oh why did one of these have to open so close to my house? TROUBLE.)
  • Took some returns to Anthropologie
  • Got my Japanese Knife Sharpened
  • Restocked my dry goods (beans, lentils, grains, etc) at Sprout's bulk sale
  • Cleared out a pile of magazines
  • Picked up dry cleaning
  • Planned my meals for the week.
  • Started reading a new book.
  • Watched some trashy tv and a few good movies.
Phew!!! I need a break from my weekend :). I am SO productive whenever I cleanse. I love, love, love it. I feel like I have so much energy and just love crossing things of my to do list. I tend to let domestic projects pile up, so it's great to get so much of this stuff done.

I still have a pretty big list I want to tackle over the next week:
  • Purge Guestroom / Office (I have tons of clothes that are too big for me and I need to figure out if I am selling them, donating, etc.)
  • Organize and purge dressers (I have recently done this with my closet and love it. I had to get rid of all the clothes that were too big, and reorganize and make space for my new smaller attire! My closet feels like my own personal store. I love it.)
  • Organize my photo albums (this has been on my to-do list for YEARS. AGH! Enough.)
  • Put together an emergency kit (this became an important item after last week's major blackout)
  • Organize recipes. (I have piles of magazine clippings, recipes printed from the web, etc. I am actually hoping to start tackling this tonight)
  • Organize garage
  • Organize balcony closet
And my fun to dos:
  • Make jewelry (I have tons of beads, etc., and should take advantage!)
  • Do some Asian Brush Painting (I purchased all the equipment in May of 2010 and have yet to paint once!)
It's actually just nice to organize these thoughts. Like I have said before: cleansing clears your body of toxins and opens you up to new ideas. When you cleanse your body, it's only natural that you start cleansing other parts of your life too!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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