Friday, April 22, 2011

Maui explained...

I realize that last post may have come as a surprise...I forgot to even say that I was coming to Maui! My life has been so hectic lately, I forgot what I had said on the blog and what I hadn't. In light of recent events in my life, I decided a trip to visit Maui would be a great way to clear my head and relax. I have mentioned before that my dad Steve and his wife Deedee live here. Now that I am self employed, I can really work almost long as I don't have meetings scheduled. So I cleared my calendar for the week and here I am! I am getting up at 4:30 Maui time, 7:30 California time. I work for 6 or 7 hours, exercise, and by noon I can head to the beach. It's perfect! Of course, I am passing out at about 8:30, but that's fine. I also find it really peaceful to get up so early here...the house is quiet, I can watch the sunrise, and focus my energy and thoughts for the day.

Yesterday I tried to run after the trip to the tomato farm at around noon, and it was AWFUL! It was so humid, I thought I was going to pass out.

Today's workout was scheduled as yoga, so I did a Dave Farmer Free Vinyasa yoga podcast...they are intense! and free on Itunes...FYI. I had the curtains open in my room over looking the Pacific Ocean. It was pitch black when I started, but 80 minutes later, the sun started to come up, my legs and arms felt stretched and strong, and I worked up a good sweat from exercise rather than from the humidity. Now I am getting some work done and am heading to the beach later. I hope to get another swim in...the beach I am going to today is much more calm on the wave front than the beach I was at yesterday, so swimming shouldn't be quite as labored as it was yesterday.

This is an old picture, but this is the beach I was at yesterday...Napili. The waves yesterday were about double this height..I am guessing 8-10 feet. I was getting tossed around everywhere...sometimes I was swimming with all my might but wasn't moving anywhere. What a great work out swimming in the ocean is.

Happy Friday. I hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend!

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