Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mahalo Maui!

I had such a good time in Maui...just what I needed to heal and relax! I also worked quite a bit while I was there...waking up at 4:30 Maui Time, 7:30 Cali time, working until 10 or 11, worked out with my dad...went to the beach...cooked great dinners...went out for dinner...went to Paia...hung out with a dear a great was fabulous. I think everyone should go to's like Disneyland for adults...but laid back, with gorgeous beaches, fantastic food, sights, shopping....and my dad and Deedee of course! I had such a great time...thanks so much, Dad and Deedee! Enjoy the pics.....

I love my dad! He is a great guy!!!  


  1. Miss you! Happy you have such a great time!! Can't believe we didn't take pics in Paia that day...I'm a bad blogger haha xo

  2. I know...I can't believe we don't have any pictures from that day!