Thursday, April 21, 2011


I decided to come to Maui for a few days to relax. It's also a great place to work as I have no distractions here. 

Last night my flight was late, but my step mom Deedee made me this fantastic vegetarian dinner after a trip to the new Whole Foods here. We had a huge and tasty salad and a big homemade veg pizza. It was so hard not to eat more of the pizza. It was seriously tasty...homemade pesto, squash, mushrooms, sourdough crust...YUM!

Today I worked for about 6 hours, and then we went to a local farm and got some delectable tomatoes and lettuce....

 This is one of the green houses where the protect the fruit from Hawaiian bugs....
 Everything is grown hydroponicly here. Here is lettuce, basil and cucumbers...
 Baby lettuce...
 Cucumbers...the farmer just planted these about two weeks ago! They were nearly 5 feet tall. Unreal.

 This is cinnamon basil. I tasted was great, but did not taste like cinnamon.

 Then I went for a run, spent time at the beach, and swam about 750 yards in the ocean! It was I came home for a well deserved mai tai. Deedee is the bartender. 
 Mmm...mai tais....
At this point today, I have exercised twice, worked for about 7 hours, and had a hard day of relaxing at the beach. Dinner tonight is roasted tofu (my doing) and a big salad. Aloha!


  1. OMG! I'm going to the tomato farm! LOVE the pics!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Amanda! Everything looks gorgeous. It sounds like you're having a wondeful time!

  3. I love your farm photos! And that pizza looks so delish. I could dive in right now.

  4. i loved this post
    it made me very excited for summer!